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Remote Viewing – Development Through Perception

We live in a world in which information is the most important and highly-valued commodity, which in the right hands can change the world.

The present reality could be called the information age. The Internet and extensive media have given us the opportunity to communicate on an unprecedented scale and popularized access to information, and the tools for obtaining it.
At the same time, however, our world contains many institutions and organizations that manipulate information for their own purpose, often concealing from us a lot of knowledge crucial for our development.
In the world of apparent easy access, we have a paradoxical situation where it is difficult to trust external sources of information such as the television, the news services or other media.
A man who lives in the world of illusion, relying only on what he hears from the media, which he cannot fully trust, becomes a slave, because he is condemned to shaping his worldview and knowledge about the world only from those intermediaries.

But what if we had a tool that would allow us to independently obtain information of various types, independently research and discover information inaccessible to others and be able to use it for our development?

Location of natural deposits? Future changes in exchange rates? Social changes? Knowledge about the influences and ways of dealing with the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations on life on Earth? There are few topics that an individual – probably you – cannot, with adequate training, independently discover and explore – regardless of the media.

Remote Viewing is a topic that can change our world, giving knowledge and freedom to every person who devotes some time to exploring and understanding the potential of Remote Viewing.

In the following chapters, I will introduce you to what Remote Viewing is, and how you can use this potential in practice for your development and gain a real advantage in life.

Remote Viewing is both an adventure of discovering the unknown – as well as a process of personal development..

Jacob Qba Niegowski

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