Remote Viewing in the service of society

Remote Viewing can be a useful service for everyone. RV services are used not only by individuals, but most of all by large institutions, which should not be surprising, however, since in the USA, Remote Viewing was initially a military undertaking, and then it passed to the private sector, but is still providing services to […]

Advantages of working in a group

Remote Viewing classes that I conduct have a huge advantage. Thanks to working in a group, we can quickly verify obtained information from independent sources and analyze our experiences in a broader perspective. Initially, Remote Viewing was used in 1-on-1 sessions, i.e. Remote Viewer and the Monitor. Even then, however, several such sessions were usually […]

Your right to know about the universe, Your right to know about yourself

You cannot know yourself without knowing the universe. You cannot know the universe without knowing yourself. Some people may be wondering – why do we need to explore other planets, study the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, or explore other dimensions. However, this is essential for our development. You cannot fully know yourself without getting to […]

Remote Viewing and the Higher-Aware factor

We talked a bit about the overall, beneficial effect on awareness that a well-conducted Remote Viewing training brings with it. So this is the moment to mention an additional benefit and something absolutely fascinating – the beyond / Higher-Aware factor that we can observe and that supports us in the Remote Viewing process. Describing how […]

Remote Viewing in the service of Personal Development

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Remote Viewing training, apart from preparing to discover the unknown, is a very positive impact on the overall personal development of a person. Many exercises related to training perception are in fact exercises of awareness, perceptiveness and expanding perception also on a daily basis. This is a huge advantage because […]

Neutral Observers and the Energy-Information Field

Everything we perceive is part of the energy-information field of the universe. The field has been described variously throughout history, for example with the word Akasha from Sanskrit (an ancient language that originated in India). Hence the imaginary concept of the “Akashic Records”, ie the record of all information of the universe. Akasha means Aether […]

Remote Viewing in relation to OOBE

Since my experiences with extrasensory perception actually began with the experience of the so-called OOBE phenomenon (Out Of Body Experience), long before getting into Remote Viewing, it would be a good idea to discuss here briefly these two ways of extrasensory perception. They relate to each other and I think that when you are interested […]

My Research and Development of Remote Viewing

In my country, in Poland, there has never been a Remote Viewing official program. Also, unofficially, I have not heard that military circles are seriously interested in this topic in our country, nor do I have any knowledge of any research in this field conducted in Poland. As far as I know, I was the […]

Who can learn Remote Viewing

This is a very important question, because you are probably wondering, dear reader, can you also learn it? With a high degree of probability I can answer: Yes. The first Remote Viewing experiments I wrote about in previous chapters had an interesting and valuable assumption. People who had no previous contact with clairvoyance and were […]

What is Remote Viewing

Ok, but what exactly is the Remote Viewing procedure? Remote Viewing is distinguished by several features that distinguish the RV from traditional, broadly understood “clairvoyance”. In scientific experiments conducted for military intelligence, one of the most important things was to establish whether extrasensory perception actually works under objective conditions and whether it is possible to […]

History of the Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the name that was created in the 70s during the USA military program, whose task was to investigate the potential of extrasensory perception and use it for espionage purposes. These were the days of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, when every possible way of gaining an advantage […]

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