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Remote Viewing – Online Group Classes

Jacob Qba Niegowski

Take the great adventure of developing Remote Viewing abilities, and become an Explorer thanks to Remote Viewing!

Remote Viewing is a technique of extrasensory perception originally developed for the US military intelligence during the Cold War.
Remote Viewing is the most objective approach to extrasensory perception, giving measurable and verifiable results.

The Remote Viewing training will broaden your perception and awareness, and teach you to perceive using RV techniques.
Learning Remote Viewing has a positive effect on personal and spiritual development thanks to the discovery and understanding of the most important principles by which the human mind and perception work.
RV will help you organize information better, understand the nature of intuition, and use it better.

The Remote Viewing training includes regular online meetings on Zoom once a week – in the form of videoconferences – during which the participant will learn from scratch what Remote Viewing is, how it works, what procedures and techniques are used, and can practice in a RV group.

About me:
I’m an independent researcher and instructor of extrasensory perception from Poland with over 20 yers experience in the extrasensory perception field, author of books and articles, but most of all a practitioner with years of experience that I want to share with you.

What will my Remote Viewing classes give you:

The cost of classes is $88 (USD) or 88 EUR per month for a series of 8 hours of lessons divided into four meetings a month.
After two months, you will receive a basic training diploma and the opportunity to enter the exclusive RV club, bringing together active members of all Remote Viewing teams that have undergone the 2-months basic training. There you will gain access to research materials from other RV teams.
After two months of training, you can still participate in regular RV meetings and sessions as the learning doesn’t stop there and you can still practice with us, explore new targets and develop your skills to become a professional RV.

Classes for the new group start when 8 people gather. For more information and registration contact me via e-mail: .

Jacob Qba Niegowski – Extrasensory Perception Development Specialist

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