Remote Viewing Service

Since you are asking about the possibility of checking various things for you using Remote Viewing, and this is a laborious process – We adding a service here for those of you who really care about finding out information with the participation of a professional group of trained RVs.

The service is intended for people who are familiar with Remote Viewing enough to understand what the service and the process of Remote Viewing is all about.

Together with a group of experienced Remote Viewers, we will perform the study of the commissioned target, providing a transcript of the recording from the session, along with the summary of information obtained, as well as drawings if required by the study of the target.

The target study involve group experienced Remote Viewers, including myself as the person conducting and monitoring the session, as well as preparing a document with a summary of the study results. The Research involves a selected group of Remote Viewers independently examining the target, whose presence ensures increased effectiveness and value of the obtained data. During the process Remote Viewers perform independently of each other, not having contact with each other, which provides an additional element of objectivity of the examination and increases the value of the results.

The price of the service is  result of the number of people involved, and the time we have to spend on the meeting and research session, not counting the preparation of the summary of the results.

Below are screenshots of reviews of the effects of our Remote Viewing work posted by our clients on the international Feverr service platform:

We do not need to know in advance the target of the research if for some reason it is inappropriate for you. We can perform a double-blind service for you, i.e. a double-blind examination, where neither the RV knows the target of the examination nor the Monitor person supervising the session. – Then we will provide you with the results that you will interpret yourself. We can also use a standard blind Remote Viewing method, where I, as the Monitor, know in advance what is to be examined and prepare the target for the blind study for the RV group.

People familiar Remote Viewing process are welcome to contact us via e-mail: to discuss the order.

Jacob Qba Niegowski – Extrasensory Perception Development Specialist

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